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Check out the list of more than 1000 Idioms and Phrases that are most commonly asked in all the government exams such as SSC CGL, UPSC, FCI, IBPS PO/SO/Clerk, PSU exams, RBI, Insurance exams, etc.

Download here : 1000 Idioms and Phrases  for Bank Exams PDF

  1. A damp squib (complete failure )

Example: The visit of our Foreign Minister to USA proved a damp squib on terrorist issue.

  1. ABC ( very common knowledge ) :

Example: He doesn’t know ABC of Physics.

  1. Alpha and Omega ( First and last letter of Greek alphabet, means beginning and end )

Example: The alpha and omega of British policy was to keep the Indians divided.

  1. An eye wash ( a pretence)

Example: He does nothing without self interest, all his excuses are but on eye was.

  1. Back and Call (at the service)

Example: Don’t worry I am at your back and call.

  1. Between the cup and the lips ( On the point of achievement)

Example: Until I got the appointment letter in hand, I was not sure of the posting as there were many slips between the cup and the lips.

  1. By fits and starts ( irregularly)

Example: Work done by fits and starts never completes in time.

  1. Curtain lecture ( a reproof by wife to her husband)

Example : My younger brother never pays any attention to his wife’s curtain lecture.

  1. Fire and brimstone ( fearful penalties )

Example: The USA has threatened Iraq with fire and brimstone if she refuses to follow the resolutions of UNO.

  1. Gird up the loin ( to be ready) :

Example: We should gird up the loin to fight the poverty and menace of dowery.

  1. Helter skelter ( here and there )

Example: On arrival of the police the strikers ran helter skelter.

  1. Hush money ( a bribe )

Example : He managed to escape punishment by paying hush money.

  1. Weal and Woe (prosperity and adversity )

Example: I will abide by you in all weal and woe.

  1. To assume airs ( to pretend superiority )

Example: He is in the habit of assuming airs in the presence of his in laws.

  1. Ever and anon ( now and then )

Example: She goes to temple ever and anon.

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