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Constitution (122 Amendment) Bill, 2014

Which of the following constitutional amendment bill is related to GST? A.Constitution (102 Amendment) Bill, 2014 B.Constitution (101 Amendment) Bill, 2014 C.Constitution (121 Amendment) Bill, 2014 D.Constitution (122 Amendment) Bill,… Read more »

Constitution (101 Amendment) act, 2016

1.Which of the following constitutional amendment act is related to GST? A.Constitution (101 Amendment) act, 2014 B.Constitution (101 Amendment) act, 2016 C.Constitution (102 Amendment) act, 2014 D.Constitution (102 Amendment) act,… Read more »

Articles 246A and 269A

Due to introduction of GST Act, in which schedule of constitution changes took place? A.Fourth schedule B.Fifth Schedule C.Sixth Schedule D.Seventh Schedule E.Options c and d Ans : E.Options c… Read more »

Money Market

Composition of Money Market Indian Money market consists of organised sector and unorganised sector. 1. Organised Sector- It is also divided into two categories- a. Banking b. Sub Markets a. Banking- In this… Read more »

Capital Market

Financial Market– Financial Market is the market where borrowing and lending of funds of all individual, institutions, companies and of the government take place. In India, Financial Market can be… Read more »