Computer awareness PDF

I have been sharing materials related to Computer Knowledge for upcoming Competitive Exams. These files consists a lot of computer mcqs. These will be very useful for all competitive exams. Downlaod it and prepare well. Download here : computer fundamental mcq 300 questions Incoming search terms:download powercapsule of computer in hindicomputer capsule for rrb pohindi in […]

Computer Quiz 9 July 2015

1. Which of the following is the standard interactive and programming language for getting information from a database? 1) DCOM 2) Java 3) SQL 4) Cova 5) Mercury 2. A hyperlink can be …… 1) Text 2) Image 3) Paragraph 4) All the above 5) None of these 3. The range of frequencies that a […]

Computer Quiz 24 April 2015

1. The background of any Word document___ 1) is always white colour 2) is the colour you preset under the Options menu 3) is always the same for the entire document 4 can have any colour you choose 5) None of these 2. Which of the following statements is true? 1) Minicomputer works faster than […]

Computer Quiz

1. A hybrid computer exhibits the features of ____. (A) Analog computer (B) Digital computer (C) Both analog and digital computer (D) Mainframe computer (E) None of these 2.  A DSLAM is a device used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to route incoming DSL connections to the Internet. What is its correct full form?(A) Digital Subscriber […]