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Countries and their Currencies PDF

List of Countries having Rupee/Rupiah as their Currency India Rupee Indonesia Rupiah Nepal Nepalese Rupee Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Rupee Seychelles Seychellois Rupee Pakistan Pakistani Rupee Maldives Maldivian Rufiyaa Mauritius… Read more »

Important Days and Dates Month Wise PDF

Important Days & dates observed annually in India and all over the world. January 4th January World Braille Day 9th January Pravasi Bhartiya Divas ( NRI Day) 10th January World Hindi… Read more »

Important Defence Exercises

Important Defence Exercises between India & World : Garuda: India-France Hand-Hand: India-China Indra: India-Russia JimexIndia-Japan Malbar: Us-India Shade: Naval Forces Of India, Japan And China Surya Kiran: India And Nepal… Read more »