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Article 18

1. The following article of the Indian Constitution abolished the Epthet. (a) Article 14 (b) Article 18 (c) Article 17 (d) Article 19 Ans.(b) 2. The Preamble of the Indian… Read more »

Article 19

Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides: (a) 6 freedoms (b) 7 freedoms (c) 8 freedoms (d) 9 freedoms Ans.(a) 2. Which among the following states, first introduced the Panchayat… Read more »

Article 370

1. Article 1 of the Constitution declares India as (a) Federal State (b) Quasi-Federal State (c) Unitary State (d) Union of States Ans.(d) 2. Article 17 of the Indian Constitution… Read more »

42nd Amendment

1.Which of the following state has uniform civil code been implemented ? (a)Maharastra (b)Goa (c)Gujarat (d)Rajasthan Ans.(b)   2.By which amendment of the constitution, the Word ‘Socialist’ was incorporated in… Read more »