Quant Quiz 12/7/2015

Directions : From a class total 360 students appeared in an exam. Three fourth of these are boys. 40 % boys failed in the exam, two third of the girls are failed in the exam and remaining passed : 1.What is the ratio of the total number of girls to the number of boys who […]

Quant Study Notes pdf

Permutation& Combination and Probability: Permutation and Combination are not that important for the purpose of exam Because Question are rarely asked from This Topic but We have to learn them anyway because Question of probability can’t be solved without learning permutation and combination. So will give you all a little hint about what is permutation […]

HCF and LCM Practice Set pdf

Q1. 122,124,1210,126 Find the L.C.M. a) 12 b) 122 c)126 d)1210 Q2. 6-1,6-3,6-10,6-12 Find the H.C.F. a) 6-1 b) 1 c)6-12 d)6-11 Q3. The L.C.M of the fraction of 2/3,4/9,5/6,7/12 is: a) 35/9 b) 1/36 c) 1/18 d)140/3 Q4. The ratio of two number is 5:6, if their H,C.F. is 9 and L.C.M. is 270. […]

How to do calculation faster Quantitative Aptitude

1. Faster way of Calculations: We all know a lot about addition, subtraction, multiplication, divisions. While solving questions of Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability, candidates should learn to perform these calculations mentally rather than following conventional methods. There are specific approaches one can follow to do this. 2. Multiplication tables up to 20: It is not just […]