Current Affairs 6 May 2015

1) Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) was recently adjudged the world’s best airport for the year 2014, under the category of handling 25 to 40 million passengers per annum. IGIA is situated at?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Chennai
(C) Delhi
(D) Bengaluru

2) Army on 26 April 2015 conducted a major exercise, ‘Akraman-II’ in which state?
(A) Goa
(B) Odisha
(C) Punjab
(D) Rajasthan

3) 14th edition of Indo-French naval exercise ‘Varuna’ concluded on 2 May 2015. It was held in which state?
(A) Kerala
(B) Goa
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Maharashtra

4) Magnus Carlsen won Shamkir chess tournament on 26 April 2015. Magnus Carlsen is from which country?
(A) Spain
(B) China
(C) Switzerland
(D) Norway
5) International Dance Day is observed on?
(A) May 1
(B) April 30
(C) May 2
(D) April 29

6) Which bollywood actor was recently conferred the Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar Award?
(A) Sharukh Khan
(B) Amitabh Bachchan
(C) Nazarudhin Shah
(D) Anil Kapoor

7) Which state government on 30 April 2015 issued a circular banning the use of the phrase “Horn Ok Please” on the rear side of commercial vehicles?
(A) Maharshtra
(B) Delhi
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Uttar Pradesh

8) Maharashtra’s Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on 1 May 2015 filed an FIR against CEO of which e-commerce major on charges of for selling prescription drugs online?
(A) Amazon
(B) Snapdeal
(C) Flipkart
(D) eBay

9) “Educate Encourage Enlighten” will be the new tagline of ____ as announced recently?
(B) New Education Policy
(C) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(D) None of these

10) What is the name given to the massive rescue and relief launched by the Indian Army in Nepal?
(A) Operation Maitri
(B) Operation Seva
(C) Operation Rahat
(D) Operation Neeti

1) Ans. (C) Delhi
2) Ans. (D) Rajasthan
3) Ans. (B) Goa
4) Ans. (D) Norway
5) Ans. (D) April 29
6) Ans. (D) Anil Kapoor
7) Ans. (A) Maharshtra
8) Ans. (B) Snapdeal
9) Ans. (B) New Education Policy
10) Ans. (A) Operation Maitri

1) Microsoft on 29 April 2015 announced its next Web Browser’s name as?
(A) Invent
(B) Edge
(C) Pluto
(D) Micro Explo

2) Which former Union Finance Minister was recently honoured with Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honour), the highest French civilian distinction?
(A) Murali Manohar Joshi
(B) P Chidambaram
(C) Pranab Mukherjee
(D) Yashwant Sinha
3) Name the Eminent scientist who was recently conferred with Japan’s highest civilian award for his outstanding contributions to science and Indo-Japanese science coperation?
(A) K Radhakrishnan
(B) APJ Abdul Kalam
(C) CNR Rao
(D) TKM Nair

4) A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale struck which neighboring country of India on 25 April 2015?
(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) China
(D) Bangladesh

5) World Malaria Day is observed globally on?
(A) 21 April
(B) 25 April
(C) 27 April
(D) 30 April

6) Senior IPS officer Surender Singh was on 1 May 2015 appointed as the new DG of?

7) What is the authorized capital of each Regional Rural Bank (RRB) as per the recent amendments in Regional Rural Bank (Amendment) Bill 2014?
(A) Rs.5 crore
(B) Rs. 100 crore
(C) Rs. 1000 crore
(D) Rs. 2000 crore

8) Department of Telecom has recently extended the deadline to fully implement the mobile number portability across the country to?
(A) April 1, 2016
(B) October 2, 2015
(C) July 3, 2015
(C) January 1, 2016

9) International Labour Day is observed on?
(A) May 1
(B) April 29
(C) April 3
(D) May 2

10) NASA’s Messenger spacecraft has recently crashed into the surface of which planet ending its historic 11-year mission?
(A) Saturn
(B) Mars
(C) Pluto
(D) Mercury

1) Ans. (B) Edge
2) Ans. (D) Yashwant Sinha
3) Ans. (C) CNR Rao
4) Ans. (A) Nepal
5) Ans. (B) 25 April
6) Ans. (D) CISF
7) Ans. (D) Rs. 2000 crore
8) Ans. (C) July 3, 2015
9) Ans. (A) May 1
10) Ans. (D) Mercury

1) National Panchayati Raj Day was observed across India on?
(A) April 14
(B) April 2
(C) April 20
(D) April 24

2) Which International news channel was on 22 April 2015 forced to go off air in the India for five days as the government penalized it for repeatedly showing wrong maps of India?
(B) Al Jazeera
(C) Star News
(D) Newyork Time

3) Rajya Sabha recently approved a private member’s bill on the rights of transgenders on 24 April 2015. The bill was introduced by Rajya Sabha member?
(A) T.K. Rangarajan
(B) Sasikala Pushpa
(C) Tiruchi Siva
(D) K. Selvaraj

4) Ankit Keshri who died recently after cricket on-field accident was the former Under-19 captain of?
(A) Bengal
(B) Mumbai
(C) Karnataka
(D) Delhi

5) What was India’s rank in the global happiness index released recently?
(A) 117
(B) 119
(C) 157
(D) 55

6) Who recently became the first Indian in 79 years to play for 1st division European club?
(A) Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
(B) Shivram Krishna
(C) Deepak Hooda
(D) Suvran Singh

7) Which among the following company has recently decided to exit consumer products business and sell its 34.37 per cent stake to American private equity major Advent International Corporation?
(A) Philips
(B) Crompton Greaves
(C) LG
(D) Orient Electricals
8) Which bank on 23 April 2015 won the Asian Banker Achievement Award 2015?
(A) ICICI Bank
(B) HDFC Bank
(C) State Bank of India
(D) Bharatiya Mahila Bank

9) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 April 2015 presented Jnanpith award to renowned literary figure Bhalchandra Nemade. He is famous in which language?
(A) Hindi
(B) Malayalam
(C) Kannada
(D) Marathi

10) Which bank recently tied up with UAE Exchange for instant money transfer?
(A) Union Bank of India
(B) Federal Bank
(C) Bank of Baroda
(D) Corporation Bank

1) Ans. (D) April 24
2) Ans. (B) Al Jazeera
3) Ans. (C) Tiruchi Siva
4) Ans. (A) Bengal
5) Ans. (A) 117
6) Ans. (A) Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
7) Ans. (B) Crompton Greaves
8) Ans. (D) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
9) Ans. (D) Marathi
10) Ans. (C) Bank of Baroda

Q1. World Asthma Day is being observed on ____.

A. 4th May
B. 5th May
C. 6th May
D. 7th May

ANSWER: B. 5th May

The theme for this year is You can control your Asthma. According to the World Health Organisation, WHO there are 235 million people currently suffering from asthma around the world. India has an estimated 15-20 million asthmatics and 15 percent of them die every year.

Q2. Name the Oscar-winning writer of ‘Dances With Wolves’ novel who died in Tucson, Arizona, after a long battle with cancer on May’15?

A. Michael Blake
B. John Clooney
C. Robin Samson
D. None of these

ANSWER: A. Michael Blake

The novel “Dances With Wolves,”became a major hit movie and earned Blake an Academy Award for the screenplay.

Q3. In which state, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited has commissioned a thermal unit of Kanti Bijlee Utpadan Nigam Limited, KBUNL?

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. West Bengal
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Bihar

ANSWER: D. Bihar

In a statement in New Delhi today BHEL said, this is the first 195 MW unit to be commissioned by it. The second 195 MW unit is expected to be commissioned in the current financial year, the statement added.

Q4. Name the social media platform of China joined by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 4th May’15?

A. Sina Weibo
B. Telegram

ANSWER: A. Sina Weibo.

He is the first Indian leader to open an account on the popular miocroblog with over 500 million users to reach out to the Chinese people.

Q5. Name the person removed as from his position as the president of Boxing India on 3rd May’15?

A. Sandeep Jajodia
B. Amitabh Thakur
C. Jay Kowli
D. Rajesh Kanwal

ANSWER: A. Sandeep Jajodia

The SGM, which was attended by 64 members of the BI, passed a No Confidence Motion in a Special Genral Meeting (SGM) of the Boxing India (BI) on 3 May 2015 removed Sandeep Jajodia as its president.

Q6. In which state a cow-urine refinery inaugurated for research on the cow products on 3rd May’15?

A. Bihar
B. Gujarat
C. Rajasthan
D. Haryana

ANSWER: C. Rajasthan

For the research on cow products, a scientific approach will be adopted for Indian traditional system of medicine. The refinery will prepare cow-urine extract for use in the formulation of various products.

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