Data Interpretation Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams

[Directions: 1 to 5 Questions] There are six companies which produce a particular item in two models M1 and M2. These companies produce 7 lakh items. The given pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the total items produced and the table shows the ratio of model M1 to M2 produced by these companies and their percentage sale.

1. Who sold the highest M2 among the following?
(A) B
(B) A
(C) D
(D) E
(E) F

2. If D had to dispose 23% of the M1 produced due to bad quality, what is the number of units disposed?
(A) 11448
(B) 15660
(C) 12344
(D) 15987
(E) None

3. What is the average number of M2 produced by A,B,D and E?
(A) 60638
(B) 65000
(C) 34500
(D) 78900
(E) None

4. What is the total number of M1 sold by A and E together?
(A) 95380
(B) 91380
(C) 76567
(D) 87677
(E) None

5. How many M2 were sold by company F ?
(A) 25789
(B) 25480
(C) 35689
(D) 45225
(E) None



  1. Ans-c
    M2 sold by B=(0.18*7lakhs)*(5/8)*0.54=42525 units
    A=(0.29*7lakhs)*(3/7)*0.45=39150 units
    E=(0.17*7lakhs)*(2/5)*0.6=28560 units

    2. Ans-D

    3. Ans-a

    4. Ans-b

    5. Ans-b

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