Economic development depends on

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Economic development depends on: 
(a) Natural resources
(b) Capital formation
(c) Size of the market
(d) All of the above



Directions(1-5): Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
In September 2011, Hindustan Times did a study in Delhi and reported that the number of malaria (and dengue) eases at the time were actually thrice as many as revealed by the city authorities. Earlier, in Mumbai, a municipal claim that 145 people died due to malaria in 2010 was exposed a lie after Praja, a city NGO, extracted figures from the municipality itself. Following an RTI petition, Praja revealed 1190 deaths. This seems to be a habit. A paper in the leading UK medical journal The Lancet, published following nationwide interviews undertaken by an international team, reveals that the number of malarial deaths all over India every year may be as high as 205,000, which is many times the World Health Organization’s figure of about 15,000, of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme’s figure of just around 1000.
While the Lancet paper has been disputed, it is clear that there must be gross under-reporting of malarial deaths. Wouldn’t that be one of the big reasons why malaria, which is easily cured if properly treated after timely diagnosis, continues to kill so many Indians?
1. The Lancet is a:
(a) newspaper
(b) journal
(c) magazine
(d) medical book
2. The Hindustan Times found that the number of malaria cases in 2011 was
(a) exactly as the numbers revealed by the authorities
(b) half the numbers revealed by the authorities
(c) three times the numbers revealed by the authorities
(d) twice that the numbers revealed by the authorities
3. One of the big reasons for malarial death is
(a) under-reporting of malarial deaths
(b) untimely diagnosis
(c) lack of proper treatment
(d) over-reporting of malarial deaths
4. The findings of the Lancet were published after
(a) nationwide interviews were carried out
(b) proper verifications of the findings were done
(c) the international team left India
(d) international reviews of the findings were done
5. What is “the habit” mentioned in the passage?
(a) Conducting studies and surveys in towns and cities
(b) Exposing the authority’s incompetence
(c) Hiding the real figures of malaria cases
(d) Filing RTIs
Ans :
1. Ans.(b)
2. Ans.(c)
3. Ans.(a)
4. Ans.(a)
5. Ans.(c)

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