How many Bikes Does MS Dhoni actually have

Ravindra Jadeja himself is a fan of motorcycles and owns a Hayabusa.

When asked whether he gets advice on bikes from Dhoni, the southpaw said, “He told me that ‘Hayabusa is a good bike, but you need to do some exercises of the back to drive it, because you need to bend a lot while driving it.”
Jadeja also revealed how he was once shocked to know the number of bikes Dhoni has in his garage.

“He has so many bikes that even he doesn’t know about their number. I once asked him: ‘How many bikes do you have. ‘I’ve 43-44 bikes, but I’ve not even driven half of them,’ Dhoni told me.

Jadeja added that earlier Dhoni couldn’t ride all his bikes due to playing in all three formats in cricket but after Dhoni retired from Test cricket he gets more time to the ride them.

“Earlier, he must not be getting the time to drive them, but now that he’s retired from Test cricket, he must be getting some time to drive them,” said the 28-year-old.

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