Indian History Quiz MCQS

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1.Ashoka called the Third Buddhist Council at

Ans : Pataliputra
2.The tutor of Alexander, the great was

Ans : Aristotle

3.Which of the following literary works belongs to classical Sanskrit literature ?

Ans : Meghadutam

4.Who propounded the ‘Eight – Fold Path’ for the end of misery of mankind ?

Ans : Gautam Buddha

5.The number system ‘Zero’ was invented by

Ans : Aryabhatta

6.”Charak’ was the famous court physician of

Ans : Kanishka

7.Buddhism made an important impact by allowing two sections of society into its fold. They were

Ans : Women and Sudras

8.The language used to write source materials in ancient time was

Ans : Pali

9.India’s trade with the Roman Empire came to an end with the invasion of Rome by the

Ans : Hunas

10.Most of the chola temples were dedicated to

Ans : Shiva

11.’Bull’ in Buddhism is associated with which event of Buddha’s life ?

Ans : Birth

12.Which of the following would be the most accurate description of the Mauryan Monarchy under Ashoka ?

Ans : Enlightened despotism

13.The illustrious names of Aryabhatta and Varahamihir are associated with the age of the

Ans : Guptas

14.Lothal is a site where dockyards of which of the following civilization were found ?

Ans : Indus Valley

15.’Buddha’ means

Ans : The Enlightened one

16.Where do you find the temple of Angkor Wat ?

Ans : In Cambodia

17.Whose achievements are recorded in the Allahabad Pillar inscription ?

Ans : Samudra Gupta

18.The essential feature of the Indus Valley Civilisation was

Ans : organized city life

19.Name the capital of the Pallavas

Ans : Kanchi

20.The word ‘Veda’ means

Ans : Knowledge

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