KVS TGT Hindi Question Paper

1. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
a) Kalinga Award – Popularization of Science
b) Barlong Award – Agriculture
c) David-Cohen Award – Literature
d) Pulitzer Prize – Progress in Religion

2. Which of the following characters was not a part of Shakespearian plays?
a) Julius
b) Brutus
c) Potter
d) Ariel

3. Which of the following international organizations is dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation?
d) WHO

4. Human Rights Day is observed on :
a) 10 October
b) 9 May
c) 10 December
d) 18 February

5. Railway coaches are made in the largest number at Integral coach factory, situated in:
a) Kapurthala
b) Perambur
c) Varanasi
d) Moradabad

6. Which of the following is not a necessary qualification for a state to become a member
of United Nationas Organization? It should :
a) be a sovereign state
b) be a peace loving state
c) be a willing to discharge responsibilities under the UNO charter
d) guarantee human rights and freedom to its citizens

7. The imaginary line on the earth’s surface which closely follows 180o meridian, is called :
a) International date time
b) Tropic of Cancer
c) Equator
d) Prime Meridian

8. ‘Loti’ is the currency of :
a) Burundi
b) Libya
c) Sudan
d) Lesotho

9. Which type of rocks are mainly found in the Himalayan ranges?
a) Sedimentary
b) Metamorphic
c) Igneous
d) Granite

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