List of the Major Straits of the World

Strategic Importance of straits :

I. Seaborne trade for commercial shipping
II. Vital oil producing region
III. Play vital role in geo-politics

Major Straits of the World :

1. Malacca Strait
Joins: Andaman Sea & South China Sea
Location: Indonesia –Malaysia

2. Palk Strait
Join: Palk Bay & Bay of Bengal
Location: India-Sri Lanka

3. Sunda Strait
Join: Java Sea & Indian Ocean
Location: Indonesia

4. Yucatan Strait
Join: Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea
Location: Mexico-Cuba

5. Mesina Strait
Join: Mediterranean Sea
Location: Italy-Sicily

6. Otranto Strait
Join: Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea
Location: Italy-Albania

7. Bab-el-Mandeb Strait
Join: Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
Location: Yemen-Djibouti

8. Cook Strait
Join: South Pacific Ocean
Location: New Zealand (North & South Islands)

9. Mozambique Strait
Join: Indian Ocean
Location: Mozambique -Malagasy

10. North Channel
Join: Irish Sea & Atlantic Ocean
Location: Ireland-England

11. Taurus Strait
Join: Arafura Sea & Gulf of Papua
Location: Papua New Guinea — Australia

12. Bass Strait
Join: Tasman Sea & South Sea
Location: Australia

13. Bering Strait
Join: Bering Sea & Chuksi Sea
Location: Alaska-Russia

14. Bonne-Fasio Strait
Join: Mediterranean Sea
Location: Corsika — Sardinia

15. Bosporous Strait
Join: Black Sea and Marmara Sea
Location: Turkey

16. Dardenleez Strait
Join: Marmara Sea and Agean Sea
Location: Turkey

17. Davis Strait
Join: Baffin Bay & Atlantic Ocean
Location: Greenland-Canada

18. Denmark Strait
Join: North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
Location: Greenland-Iceland

19. Dover strait
Join: English Channel & North Sea
Location: England-France

20. Florida Strait
Join: Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean
Location: USA-Cuba

21. Hormuz Strait
Join: Gulf of Persia & Gulf of Oman
Location: Oman-Iran

22. Hudson strait
Join: Gulf of Hudson & Atlantic Ocean
Location: Canada

23. Gibraltar Strait
Join: Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean
Location: Spain-Morocco

24. Magellan strait
Join: Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean
Location: Chile

25. Makkassar Strait
Join: Java Sea & Celebeze Sea
Location: Indonesia

26. Tsungaru Strait
Join: Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean
Location: Japan (Hokkaido-Honshu Island)

27. Tatar Strait
Join: Japan Sea & Okhotsk Sea
Location: Russia (East Russia-Sakhalin Islands)

28. Fovex Strait
Join: South Pacific Ocean
Location: New Zealand (South Island- Stewart Island)

29. Formosa Strait
Join: South China Sea & East China Sea
Location: China-Taiwan

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