Most Important Idioms And Phrases

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1. An eye for an eye
Meaning: Punishment as severe as the crime or injury
Example: In some countries punishment still follows the principle of an eye for an eye.

2. In the eyes of law
Meaning: From the legal viewpoint
Example: In the eyes of law your second marriage is illegal.

3. See eye to eye
Meaning: To agree
Example: I can’t see eye to eye with you on this issue.

4. In the mind’s eye
Meaning: In imagination
Example: The poet sees even distant things clearly in the mind’s eye.

5. Pull a long face
Meaning: To look sad
Example: He pulled a long face at not being taken to the cinema.

6. Face the music
Meaning: To be ready to face the consequences
Example: If I have committed the mistake, I must face the music.

7. Take a fancy to
Meaning: Like someone
Example: He has taken a strong fancy to his new pet dog.

8. Come into fashion
Meaning: become fashionable
Example: High heels have come into fashion again.

9. Play fast and loose
Meaning: To change one’s attitude towards someone often
Example: He played fast and loose with his girl friend.

10. A feather in one’s cap
Meaning: An achievement to be proud of
Example: The successful launching of a father and you can find them at the races every day.

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