Name the Governor General of Bengal who underwent Impeachment

Sir Warren Hastings :
Governor General of Bengal → Sir Warren Hastings(1772 – 1785)
  • Regulating Act was the first law passed by Britisher in India.(1773)
  • Under this:-(i) The concept of dual govt. & Diarchy ended in Bengal.(ii) The supreme court was set up at Calcutta (1774) with total 4 judges.
  • He started the Asiatic Society of Bengal (1784), with the help of William Jones.
  • During his period, Geeta was translated into English by “Charles Wilkins”.
  • The first newspaper of India “Bengal Gazette” was started in 1780 by “Mr. James Hickey”.
  • 2nd Anglo-Mysore war was fought.
  • He had a friendship with “Maharaja Chaith Singh” of Benaras & he was caught taking the bribe. This leads to the “Impeachment of Warren Hastings” in England. However, after 13 yrs. Of Impeachment proceedings, he was removed from all the charges.

1.Name the Governor General of Bengal who underwent Impeachment?
Ans:Warren Hastings

2.At the time of which governor general 2nd Anglo-Mysore war was fought.
Ans:Warren Hastings

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