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BOB interview experience

GD topic “if you were BOB chairman for 3 months what would you do for BOB?”
Gd went very well all were well participated except one person.
Now it’s time for PI
Panel are M1 F M2 M3 M4 M5
Me: May I come in sir?
F: yes, come in
Me: good morning madam good morning sir.
F: gd mrng take your seat.
Me: thanks madam
M3: Mr Suresh is there any cricket player with Ur name?
Me: s sir. It is Suresh Raina
M3: what was his last world cup?
Me: sir it is 2016 T20 world cup(In India)
M3: what is his specialty in the Indian team?
Me: sir he is one of the best T20 bastmen sir.
M3: his batting order?(means when does he come to bat at)
Me: sir he is 3rd down batsman
M3: recently which tournament held in England?
Me: sir it is champions trophy 2017.
M3: tell about India performance?
Me: explained
M3: did Suresh Raina play in the tournament?
Me: no sir. He was not selected for champions trophy
M3: which player do u like in cricket?
Me: sir yuvraj Singh
M3: presently he is not in form right? And y not Suresh Raina and kohli?
Me: sir yuvraj presently struggling for consistency but once he gets chance he hit 6sixes off 6balls again
M3: smiled
F: So Suresh in the GD u said about T-cup. What is it?
Me: madam it’s not T-Cup it’s a tie-up madam. All are smiled including me.
F: how it is useful?
Me: answered.
M4: tell me about your family?
Me: answered
M4: y don’t u go for farming? Y job?
Me: sir I don’t want to go in a routine way like my family.
M5: if all the farmers think in the same way what will happen to our country?
Me: answered with example.
M3: interrupted and asked about my father speciality in farming?
Me: answered
M5: tell me about present unemployment in telangana and AP.
Me: answered (explained with BTech system)
M4: wt is ur opinion on present education system?
Me: explained with example of private institutions
M5: if KCR suddenly contacted u and asked u to give Ur suggestions for unemployment then Ur opinion?
Me: smiled and explained with the scheme TASK(telangana skill development scheme for BTech students) and also explained with areas of lacking and said about how to improve the present system.
M1: wt is cibil?
Me: answered
M1: how it is useful?
Me: answered with explanation.
M4: what was Ur GD topic?
Me: told
M4:how was your performance?
Me: answered
M4: if u get one more chance for GD wt will u do?
Me: sir i missed many points during the GD and my friends also given their best points. I want to elaborate those points in detail.
F: ok Suresh u done Ur best. U can go now


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