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Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Ritaj, Vaishnavi, Divya, Hema, Subha, Shivani, Bhavani, Prathiba, Nithya and Jaya have some Debit cards and credit cards. Both kinds of cards are 1-10 in number. No 2 persons have the same number of same cards. It is also known that:
· Vaishnavi has 6 debit cards more than Bhavani.
· Vaishnavi has 10 cards in total.
· Jaya has 3 credit cards.
· The total number of credit cards owned by Divya and Nithya is equal to the number of credit cards that Prathiba has. Divya has less number of credit cards than Nithya.
· Only Prathiba has 18 cards in total such that the number of credit cards he has is more than his debit cards.
· Only Divya has equal number of debit card and credit cards.
· Only Bhavani has credit cards twice than the debit cards.
· Ritaj has 9 cards in total. He has more credit cards than debit cards.
· The number of debit cards owned by Hema is equal to the number of credit cards owned by Subha.
· Subha has 8 cards in total.
· Subha and Shivani have 16 credit cards in total.
· Nithya and Jaya have 16 debit cards in total.

1). Who among the following have 10 credit cards?
a) Divya
b) Prathiba
c) Subha
d) Nithya
e) Hema

2). Who among the following have 3 debit cards?
a) Prathiba
b) Jaya
c) Bhavani
d) Shivani
e) Vaishnavi

3). What is the sum of total number of cards owned by Hema and Nithya together?
a) 25
b) 20
c) 17
d) 22
e) 28

4). If ‘Ritaj’ is related to ‘Hema’, ‘Subha’ is related to ‘Vaishnavi’, then which following person is ‘Bhavani’ related to?
a) Divya
b) Hema
c) Shivani
d) Ritaj
e) Jaya

5). Which of the following combinations is true?
a) Bhavani – 6 debit cards – 3 credit cards
b) Jaya – 10 debit cards – 8 credit cards
c) Vaishnavi – 1 debit card – 9 credit cards
d) Hema – 7 debit cards – 4 credit cards
e) None of these

Explanation With Answer Key:

Directions (Q. 1-5):

1). Answer: b)

2). Answer: c)

3). Answer: a)

4). Answer: e)

5). Answer: d)

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