Select a suitable word for the given sentence

Directions(1-2): Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.
1. _________________ other parts of the world 20 percent of the farm area is owned by women, in India women own less than 7 percent.
(a) While in
(b) Although
(c) If in
(d) Because in
2. The whole of my week _________ spent in organizing the debate competition taking place in the college.
(a) is
(b) Has been
(c) Are
(d) were
Directions: Select a suitable word for the given sentence.
3. A general pardon granted by the Government to political offenders.
(a) excuse
(b) honesty
(c) amnesty
(d) pardon


Ans :

1. Ans.(a)
2. Ans.(b)
3. Ans.(c)

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