The Hindu Vocabulary – 10.07.2017

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Today’s article, ‘Intermission: Post GST, TN must lift price controls on movie tickets’ has been picked from

‘The Hindu’.

Challenging Words in the Article –

1) Debilitating (किसी को दुर्बल बनाना) (adjective): de-bil-i-tat-ing
Meaning – – making someone/something very weak.
Synonyms – exhausting , enervating
Antonyms – Refreshing , strengthening , power giving
Example – Cancer is a debilitating disease.

2)Counterproductive (उल्टा ,प्रतिकूल ) (adjective): coun-ter-pro-duc-tive
Meaning – resulting in the opposite of the looked-for effect
Synonyms – undesirable/unfavourable, adverse, destructive , useless
Antonyms -Effective , useful , harmless
Example – Eating a gallon of ice cream is counterproductive to your diet.

3)Strata (स्तर) (noun): stra-ta
Meaning -a layer of material/something, naturally or artificially formed.
Synonyms – level, class, echelon/rank.
Example – It is possible for social inequality to exist without social strata.

4)Hue ( रंग, पहलू, प्रकार) (noun): hue
Meaning – a shade of color
Synonyms – character, aspect, type , tint
Antonyms – whole, full
Example – As I stood on the balcony, I tried to take a photo of the hue of the setting sun.

5) Exploitative (शोषक , अनैतिक) (adjective):- ex-ploit-a-tive
Meaning – making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit.
Synonyms -unprincipled, unethical, disreputable.
Antonyms- Ethical , genuine . right
Example – This price tag feels exploitative of the huge child audience that the game has.

6)Pile-up (ढेर लगाना)(noun) : pie-l-up
Meaning – an accumulation of a specified thing.
Synonyms – accumulation, heap , collection ,bash
Antonyms – Dissemination , diffuse , distribution
Example – I saw a pileup of e-mail messages after my vacations that needed to be dealt with

7) Pull the strings (प्रबंधन, नियंत्रण) (Phrase):
Meaning – to use your influence in order to get something that you want or to help someone, especially when this is unfair
Synonyms – control , conduct , direct
Antonyms – Relinquish , renounce , give up
Example -He had pulled strings in order to get his son into the college.

8) Inhibit (रोकना) (verb) : in-hib-it
Meaning – to prohibit from doing something
Synonyms – Hinder , restrain , prevent , obstruct
Antonyms – Encourage , assist ,promote
Example -You shouldn’t allow fear of failure to inhibit you.

9)Squeeze ( बल, दबाव, निचोड़ )(verb): skweez
Meaning – to firmly press
Synonyms – compress , crush , force , pressurize
Antonyms – Uncompress , decompress , assuage
Example – After adding the sugar, squeeze and crush the lemon in the pitcher for homemade lemonade

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