The Hindu Vocabulary – 12.07.2017

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Today’s article, ‘Mr. Modi in Israel: He reaffirms special ties‘ has been picked from ‘The Hindu’.

Challenging Words in the Article –

1) Bonhomie (खुशमिज़ाजी) (Noun): bon-ho-mie
Meaning – a pleasant, good-natured manner ,friendliness
Synonyms – warmth, geniality ,affability , amiability
Antonyms -Aloofness , frostiness , ferocity , colddness
Example – The group leader wanted to facilitate bonhomie among the new members.

2) Eschew (त्याग करना) (Verb): es-choo
Meaning – to avoid something which you do not think is right or proper
Synonyms – abstain/refrain from, give up, forgo.
Antonyms – Embrace , like , confront
Example – Even though I love coffee, I have chosen to eschew it because of the damage it does to my teeth.

3) Diaspora(प्रवासी) (Noun): di-as-po-ra
Meaning – the dispersion or spread of the people from their homeland to other countries.
Synonyms – Immigrant , exile , separation
Antonyms – concentration
Example -When war broke out in their home country, a diaspora of refugees settled in a neighboring nation.

4) Repudiation( परित्याग) (Noun): ri-pyoo-dee-ey-shun
Meaning – to reject; refuse to support
Synonyms – rejection, denial, contradiction.
Antonyms – Acceptance ,ratification
Example – Youth has done a repudiation of left-wing political ideas

5) Camaraderie (सौहार्द) (Noun):- ca-ma-ra-de-rie
Meaning -good friendship and trust among members of a group
Synonyms -friendship, togetherness, solidarity.
Antonyms- Enemity ,animosity ,dislike ,unwarmheartedness
Example – The football players had a sense of camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team.

6) Stature (डील-डौल ,प्रतिष्ठा )(Noun) : stach-er
Meaning – a level of prestige earned for a deed or achievement
Synonyms – reputation, status, prestige.
Antonyms – Insignificance , unimportance ,deflate , atrophy
Example – As a five-time Grammy Award winner, Aretha has a huge stature in the music community.

7) Leverage (प्रभाव, शक्ति)(Noun): lev-er-age
Meaning – something that can be used to sway a negotiation
Synonyms – influence, power, authority.
Antonyms – Inferiority , poorness ,medicore , deficient
Example – Without leverage, it will be hard to convince the daughter to testify against her mother.

8) Infuse ( भरना ,व्याप्त) (Verb) : in-fyooz
Meaning -to fill with a certain quality
Synonyms – fill/pervade, imbue , instil.
Antonyms – Dry , drain , take out ,commiserate
Example -I thought eating spinach would infuse my muscles with super strength like Popeye the Sailor Man when I was a kid.

9) In the loop (अवगत होना ) (Phrase)
Meaning – having knowledge of and involvement in something
Synonyms – aware of, informed of, privy to/apprised of.
Antonyms – unaware , clueless , uninformed ,naive
Example -I don’t know what’s going on with the new property deal since I’m not in the loop. Raman and Rakesh are in the loop. They can tell you what’s happening.

10) Underscore (बल देना) (Verb): un-der-score
Meaning – To emphasize something
Synonyms – call attention to , highlight , stress
Antonyms – ignore ,neglect
Example -The speaker showed the students pictures of car crashes to underscore the danger of driving while talking on the phone.

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