Trick to learn Root Words Etymology

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Trick to learn words:

  •  In order of time = chonos (time) + logos (study) + al (pertaining to) = chronological
  •  Out of place = in (negative prefix) + con (with, together) + ous (Possessing, full of) = incongruous
  •  Out of time = ana (negative prefix) + chronos (time) + ous (Possessing, full of) or ic (pertaining to) = anachronous or anachronistic
  •  Something, or state of being, out of place = in (negative prefix) + congrous (suitable) + ity (condition or quality of) = incongruity
  •  Lack of feeling = a (negative prefix) + pathy (feeling) = apathy
  •  Study of disease = pathos (disease) + logy (study) = pathology
  •  Measurer of time = chronos (time) + metron (measurement) = chronometer
  •  Feeling of dislike = anti (against) + pathos (feeling) = antipathy
  •  To occur, or cause to occur, at the same time or rate = syn (with, together) + chronos (time) + ize (verb suffix to make) = synchronize
  •  Evoking sorrow or pity = pathos (feeling) + ic (pertaining to) = pathetic
  •  Something out of time = ana (negative prefix) + chronos (time) + ism (condition) = anachronism
  •  State of recurring again and again = chronos (time) + ity (condition or quality of) = chronocity
  •  Extrasensory perception = tele (distance) + pathy (disease) = telepathy
  •  One who examines tissue to diagnose disease = pathos (disease) + logos (study) + ist (a person who practices, is expert in) = pathologist
  •  Identification with the feelings of another = em (in) + pathos (feeling) = empathy
  •  Happening at the same time or rate = syn (with, together) + chronos (time) + ous (Possessing, full of) = synchronous
  •  Skilful at thought transference without sensory communication = tele (distance) + pathos (disease) + ic (pertaining to) = telepathic
  •  Calendar of events in time sequence = chronos (time) + logy (study) = chronology
  •  Referring to the measurement of time = chronos (time) + metron (measurement) + ic (pertaining to) = chronometric.
  •  Share another’s feelings so strongly as to experience those feelings oneself = em (in) + pathos (feeling) + ize (verb suffix, to make) = empathize.



Ends with y = noun
Ends with ist = noun
Ends with ic = adjective
Ends with al = adjective or noun
Ends with ity, ty = noun
Ends with ism = noun
Ends with ize = verb

Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
Chronos Time
Ana-, a- Negative prefix
Con- With, together
In- Negative prefix
Logos Science, study
Metron Measurement
Syn-, sym- With, together
-ize Verb suffix
Pathos Disease, suffering, feeling
Anti- Against
En-, em- In
Tele- Distance
-al Pertaining to
-ic Pertaining to
-ity condition or quality of
-ist a person who practices, is expert in
-ism System, manner, condition
-ize To make (like)
-ous Possessing, full of

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