Vocabulary Words With Meanings and Synonyms

1.Paradoxical (adjective)
Meaning: seemingly absurd or self-contradictory.
synonyms: contradictory, self-contradictory, inconsistent, incongruous, anomalous, conflicting.
Example: It seems paradoxical that a segment of the US population that has historically enjoyed greater power and privilege can also be considered vulnerable. But unexamined assumptions about biological determinism, compounded by cultural ideas about masculinity, have created a situation that places men at risk for worse health outcomes from a surprisingly early age.

2.Maladaptation (noun)
Meaning: the failure to adapt properly to a new situation or environment, A maladaptation is a trait that is (or has become) more harmful than helpful, in contrast with an adaptation, which is more helpful than harmful. All organisms, from bacteria to humans, display maladaptive and adaptive traits.
Example: This maladaptation is reflected in widening gender gaps in educational achievement, with girls outperforming boys not only in the United States but around the world. These gaps persist throughout the educational experience, leading to concerns that boys are not being prepared for success in the modern economy.

3.Chasm (noun)
Meaning: a deep fissure in the earth’s surface.
synonyms: gorge, abyss, canyon, ravine, gully, gulf, pass, defile, couloir, crevasse, cleft, rift, rent.
a profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc.
Example: All of these considerations should occur within a research enterprise that addresses the gender survival chasm as a multifactorial issue that includes biological, psychological and psychobiological issues.

4. Prematurely (adverb)
Meaning: before the due time; ahead of time.
synonyms: too soon, too early, before the usual time, ahead of time, before one’s time;
Example: To ensure that our fathers, brothers, sons and friends stop dying prematurely, we need to fundamentally rethink what being a “man” is all about.

5. Cult (noun)
Meaning: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object., a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.
synonyms: craze, fashion, fad, vogue; informalthing
Example: Wrestling, has always had a large cult following despite its damaging stereotypes, “fake” violence and hyper-masculinity. As an antithesis, GLOW follows the true story of a women-only promotion in the US that enjoyed huge popularity in the 80s. The stars are unlikely newcomers to the sport, forming rivalries and friendships through complex and strong characters.

6. Emancipate (verb)
Meaning: set free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions.
synonyms: liberated, independent, unconstrained, unrepressed, uninhibited, free and easy, free, free-spirited.
Example: While reality seems to drive many of us to anxiety and anger, being able to channel these feelings into a performance is emancipating. Audiences boo and cheer characters as if in a violent panto, telling a story through live stunts that suspend disbelief.

7. Meticulously (adverb)
Meaning: in a way that shows great attention to detail; very thoroughly.
Example: At a general level, we can promote cleanliness if we tackle the problem sensibly, without involving a corrupt administration. For instance, while on a visit to
Amritsar from Chandigarh by train, I found two meticulously clean spots: the Golden
Temple and a small rail station on the way named Beas. Incidentally, both places are
well maintained by devotees.

8. Imbibe (verb)
Meaning: absorb or assimilate (ideas or knowledge).
synonyms: assimilate, absorb, soak up, take in, digest, ingest, drink in, learn, familiarize acquire, grasp, gain familiarise oneself with
Example: Civic sense should be imbibed in children at a formative age. They should also be taught about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Spitting on roads and
littering in public places should be discouraged by constantly educating the public.One of the main causes for the spread of various diseases in urban areas is due to the large accumulation of filth.

9. Notwithstanding (preposition)
Meaning: in spite of.
synonyms: in spite of, despite, regardless of, for all
Example: The fall of the Soviet Union shook their ideological confidence. Instead of rethinking their approach to make themselves relevant, they too joined the bandwagon of ‘there is no alternative’ and started following neoliberal policies notwithstanding the occasional noises made against imperialism and finance capital.

10. Bonhomie (noun)
Meaning: cheerful friendliness; geniality.
synonyms: geniality, congeniality, conviviality, cordiality, affability, amiability, sociability, friendliness, warmth, warm-heartedness, good nature, good humour, joviality, cheerfulness, good cheer, cheeriness, jollity, happiness
Example: It is foolhardy on India’s part to expect any bonhomie from Turkey (“The long arc to Ankara”, May 5). India’s close ties with Russia along with its warmth towards the Cyprus President, and Vice President Hamid Ansari’s visit to Armenia are sure to discomfort Turkey.

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