Who conducted the first census of India

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Lord Mayo (1869-1872)
  • “Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi” was born 2nd October, 1869 at Porbandar in the royal family of “Karamchand Gandhi” & “Putli Bai”.
  • Lord Mayo conducted the first census of India. (1871)
  • He started the department of Agriculture and Commerce in India.
  • He started the statistical survey of India (SSI) which later on became (ISI) (India statistical Institute)
  • He started the famous “Mayo College” at Ajmer and Rajkot College at Gujarat for Indian Prince and Princess.
  • He was the only viceroy to be killed during his term of office by a Pathan known as “Sher Afridi” at Andaman, 1872.


1.Who conducted the first census of India?

ANs:Lord Mayo

2.When was the first Census conducted?

3.Who built the Mayo College at Ajmer?
Ans:Lord Mayo

4.Name the Viceroy who was murdered at Andaman?
Ans:Lord Mayo

5.When was Mahatama Gandhi born?
Ans: 2nd October, 1869.


Lord Elgin I (1862-1864)
Three High Courts were set up in India in 1862. At Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.
Sir John Lawrence (1864-1869)
  • He started the Indian Forest department, 1865.
  • He extended the telegraphic communication upto the European countries.


Name the two persons involved in Indigo Revolt?
Ans:Digambar Biswas & Bishnu Charan Biswas

Who is known as the viceroy of the reverse character.
Ans:Lord Lytton

When Queen Victoria was given the title of “Kaiser-i-Hind”?
Ans:At “The Grand Delhi Darbar” of “1877”

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