Who was the first viceroy of India

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Lord Canning (1856 – 1862)
  • 3 universities were set up in India in the year 1857 at Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras.
  • Mutiny of sepoys (Revolt of 1857) by a soldier named Mangal Panday at “Barrackpur in Bengal”
  • Indigo Revolt or Nil Darpan took place in Bengal in 1859 by “Digambar Biswas & Bishnu Charan Biswas”
  • Starting of the ASI → Archaeological Survey of India in 1861.
  • He passed the Indian Council Act. Under this, the British Viceroy has the power to declare the emergency in India and during the emergency, he has the power to pass any new law without anybody’s permission.
Important People in the revolt of 1857.
Delhi  →  Bahadur Shah Jaffar II & Bakht khan
Kanpur  →  Nana Saheb (Dondhu Panth) & Tatya Tope
Lucknow  →  Begum Hazrath Mahal
Jhansi  →  Maharani Laxmibai
Bihar  →  Kunwar Singh & Amar Singh
Barrackpore → Mangal Pandey
Meerat  → Kadam Singh
Mathura → Devi Singh
Impact :-
The govt. of India Act 1858 was passed and the power to control over India was shifted from the East India company to Queen Victoria in England and the post of Governor general of India Ended & “Viceroy” of India started. Thus, “Lord Canning” became the first viceroy of India.
1.Who was the Governor General at the time of Revolt of 1857.
Ans:Lord Canning
2.Who was the first viceroy of India.
Ans:Lord Canning

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